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Hey out there to all of you riders. Here's your chance to be a part of the new movement.

I need someone from every car club in every city and every country to send me short videos, pictures of your cars, car shows and picnics in your area. We will up-load them onto the site for the world to see.

Show us how you get down in your town!

Calling all of my USO, Majestic, Super Naturals, Individuals, Stylistic, Imperials, South Side, Loyalty, Ultimate Riders, Boulevard Aces, Ghetto Dreams, Latin Image, Los Magnificos, Lo*Lystics, Elite, One Luv, Legends, Good Times, Sons Of Mexico and everyother C.C. out there. E-mail me a picture of your rides. Be sure to give me several shots at diffrent angles so I can build you a nice profile.

Zip Files and PDFs are fine.



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